Web Master: andre@isdsa.co.za  Inner Space Developments Massages by Sylvia Whyatt-John BENEFITS OF LYMPH DRAINAGE MASSAGE The lymphatic system is essential to the body's drainage function for cleansing and filtering toxins and bacteria from the body, playing a crucial role in the body's ability to heal injuries and ward off disease, allowing optimal immune function and improved metabolism. Lymph drainage massage increases the volume of lymph flow by as much as 20x, removing harmful substances from the tissues. Enhances the quality of the skin Helps enhance tissue regeneration by keeping tissue as healthy as possible. Increased lymph flow around scar tissue stimulates damaged lymph vessels to heal Lymphatic massage helps unblock the lymph flow by stimulating the lymphatic vessels as well as the vital lymph nodes. As lymph cleanses almost every cell in your body the negative effects of chronic lymph blockages include amongst others: Lack of energy, Emotional and mental fatigue, Mood irregularities, Depression, Oedema, Sports injuries, Frequent cold and flu infections, Joint pain, Headache and migraine, Menstrual cramps, Arthritis, Loss of appetite, Physical fatigue, Acne and Cellulite The lymphatic system has no central pump and depends on muscle contraction through deep breathing, exercise and manual manipulation to move fluid. Our modern sedentary lifestyle does however, not readily allow for optimal functioning of this system. Regular lymph drainage massage offers tangible effect leaving you feeling balanced, happy and whole!