Web Master: andre@isdsa.co.za  Inner Space Developments Laminin is a protein that lines the cell wall and holds them together. This is where cellular memory is built up from modern foods, alcohol and pollution. It is also the cause of addictions and why they are so hard to shake. Dioxins that enter our bodies through pollution and bad eating and drinking habits are trapped here. This in turn causes bad cellular communication and results in skin aging and a magnitude of medical disorders that could easily be avoided if you know how to rid your body of them on a daily basis. The second problem that is addressed is blood aggregation. This is when red blood cells stick together causing long chains. These chains lose 90% of their ability to transfer oxygen to the rest of the body making the body tire quickly. This also deprives the brain causing lack of concentration. In a situation where the body needs to heal from trauma, the process is prolonged as a result of this. The biggest problem however is with the heart that has to pump this aggregated sludge resulting in heart attacks. The combination of these two problems is what is causing most medical conditions today and there seems to be no guidance from the medical fraternity. In the cities the oxygen levels are already so low due to the pollution. This means that you are getting even less oxygen on top of that. The resulting stress is added to the daily stress that our jobs and traffic adds to the picture.