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removal of trees that have been felled, big stump removal

Advance Tree felling offers expert tree work and arborist services to private residents, local authorities and large companies.

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The Fallen Trees

Fallen tree can sometimes be dangerous especially when it fallen to the wrong place,example when fallen to the street cars and people won't go through because it closed the road to pass or fallen to the house it can destroy the house and everybody in it.

Cutting Trees

Tree cutting involves safely removing some troubled trees using the right tools and methods. It's very difficult and time consuming doing this on your own and also risking hurting yourself and those around you and causing damage to the property.

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Our Company offers professional service in the work of tree falling. We are a company that has been on the market for a very long time and we deliver best quality services. 

We offer a complete service from our professional tree felling company and examination service and solutions for your problems. We are tree work specialists.We carried out everything to do with tree falling.

Upcoming Work & Destination

Our qualified operators can safely manage any work assigned to them carrying out safe and efficient tree care procedures offering services such as tree removal.  

All precautions are taken and we are covered by the public liability insurance to ensure your home and property are left in good condition when the job is done.