Stump Removal

Removal of tree stumps is a job that is best, noisy, messy and time consuming.

Traditional methods of removal are shower chippings over a wide area,cleaning up and time consuming excessive cleaning.

Our Ray stump planner is the quick,easy additional attachment to any earth drill for the effective removal of easy cleaning tree stumps of any size and must have product for those working in ground preparations and woodland maintenance.

If you need to clear ground preparation of works or earth drilling then there is no better way to remove the remains of trees.

Stump Planners are available in numerous sizes with a range of different hub options for different demands.


How to Remove Trees Stumps

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Removing Stump

The easiest way for minimal mess is compared to a traditional stump grinder making this product for those working in ground preparation and woodland maintenance.

Stumps can extremely be difficult to remove. There are two common options, stumps.Grinding or digging it out.It is simple to chop up a fallen tree and use the wood in the fireplace, but to remove the stump is a more difficult task better left to the professionals.

Cutting Down Tree

Tree cutting involves safely removing some troubled trees using the right tools and methods. It’s very difficult and time consuming doing this on your own and also risking hurting yourself and those around you and causing damage to the property.

All precautions are taken and we are covered by the public liability insurance to ensure your home and property are left in good condition when the job is done.

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Tree Felling

To have a better view of your tree feeling, continue reading and discover why you may need it for your property. Eastern Pretoria can help you all with your tree felling requirements.

Are you looking for a reliable high quality tree surgeon who knows how to wield a chainsaw and deal with the tree crown reduction, dead branch removal or tree stump removal?An experienced tree feller who’s patient and controlled always?